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novembro 15, 2021 2 min read

Say goodbye to straight flat hair, and hello to luscious volume, bouncy curls, and a soft, touchable look! It's time to introduce you to the best automatic hair curler, a new technology that will change your relationship with your hairstyle forever.


Automatic curling irons like the cordless Haumea and the OneBeauti rotating ceramic automatic hair curlers help you get the look you've always wanted with a simple touch of a button. Seriously, you won't find any of that limp-noodle or prom-curl BS here -it's all about the volume, baby!


In this blog post, we're going to discover how to curl your hair quickly and easily with an automatic curling iron!In addition, we unveil the very best automatic hair curlers on the market today.


Hair we go!


How to Use Automatic Hair Curlers | OneBeauti | Haumea



Automatic hair curlers are easy to use, they're gentle on the scalp, and they produce beautiful waves without damaging your type of hair. Here is everything you need to know about using automatic curling irons: (spoiler alert, it's super simple!)


  • To start, you just need to feed a small section of hair into the tulip-shaped chamber.


  • When you've done that, press the button. It may be on the left or right, but it all depends on which side you're curling your locks.


  • Finally, wait. It should take approximately five seconds as some air gently winds your hair around an internal rotating iron and curls it. This is the part where most usually freak out about losing all their hair - but woman up! Nothing is going to happen, apart from you achieving some pretty, glossy curls, that is.


  • Yep—that really is it.


FYI - your hair really can't get ''stuck'' in the barrel (believe us, we've tried). Our automatic haircurlers automatically sense issues and immediately stop curling. That means if you insert a section of your hair that's too tangled or thick, it will beep to let you know that you need to remove it ASAP.


In conclusion, this iron was created for someone who is short on time and still wants that professional salon look in an instant -that's what makes it so perfect!


Unsure how long to hold your curl? No worries -the automatic curling ironbeeps when it's time to release. Terrified you'll burn your fingers? Don't be -the OneBeauti is covered by a strong shell that protects you during the entire curling process. Unless you purposely go ahead and stick your fingers into the chamber (seriously, don't?), it's virtually impossible to suffer from any kind of injury.


In Conclusion


Finally, and this is the most important finally, automatic hair curlers like the Haumea cordless and the OneBeauti actually curl your hair, and make it look amazing!


With the Haumea and the Onebeauti, you're no longer bound to the impulses of the universe and arbitrary good hair days. Instead, you have now discovered a reserve of fortitude within to shape your owndestiny: incredible hair every single day!


It's time to take back control. Purchase yourOnebeauti or Haumeaautomatic hair curler now, and let's start the ultimate #goodhairdayeveryday revolution.